During your first class on the reformer the instructor will take note of the physical shape you are in (any particular pain, past injuries/accidents) in order to know what type of exercises will be best for your body's particular needs..
The instructor will teach the essential basics of Pilates and from there will develop a programme for you. The REFORMER machine functions with moveable springs that create a system of resistance, which permits us to work out, lengthen, strengthen and improve specific muscle groups whereby the resistance is carefully chosen and adapted to the client's individual shape.
Pilates training on the REFORMER encourages the body to correct muscle imbalances which may be the cause of physical pain or limitation. The Reformer exercises will improve your posture and spine alignment.The private classes are taught by teachers trained and certified in the Pilates method. Our teachers are bilingual: French and English
please contact us directly at bypreformer@gmail.com to find a time-slot with Tessa or Anne-Laure.
Don`t hesitate to email us with any questions you may have!!