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Dear BYP students,

BYP looking forward to summer holidays.

We know that some of you will stay on in Brussels and want to go on with their yoga and Pilates practice.


So like every year the teachers who stay on will offer self-managed classes while BYP is on holiday.

You will already find these classes on our schedule, José, Marilia, Sein, Ana and ….. will stay on and keep you fit with yoga and Pilates.


What about your ticket vouchers and subscriptions ?

During the BYP holidays the ticket vouchers and subscriptions are not active. They will be valid again at the beginning of the new BYP year from August 26th.


All subscriptions have already been extended by the number of days we are closed, so you will not lose any days of your subscriptions. If you think this is not the case (there can always be mistakes) just write to us and we will have a look in the system if there is an error. No problem 


How are the summer classes organized ?

You can book the self managed summer classes, but your ticket vouchers and subscriptions will not be debited. You will pay 12€ directly to the teacher in cash. No credit card payment is possible !!!


On some computers these classes are indicated as costing 0€, that is because they are not debited from your existing account. You pay the teacher directly.


Our “summer teachers” will arrive around 15 minutes before the beginning of the class and organize the reception of their students and the payment.


As you can see you are being offered a nice programme at lunch time and in the evening.


From August 1st till August 18th BYP will be completely closed. 


We wish you wonderful and active summer holidays.




Privacy en Algemene voorwaarden




GYROTONIC® with Ana Lombardi:


private classes with our teachers

private classes on Reformer or GYROTONIC® machines to better understand your body and its limitations, to tonify and strengthen, to recover from injuries or chronic pains

Price per session: 60€ (possibility to have a discount card)
Gyrotonic: for price trial class contact Ana Lombardi tel: 0475477230


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