We are very happy to share our two beautiful rooms for your well-being events!

We believe in faire sharing of costs and benefits, therefore there’s no fixed
rent for the rooms, we work on a percentage basis:
70% of the income goes to the organiser
30% to BYP (internal advertising: website, Facebook and in the studio)

You are free to use the space upstairs during the breaks and before/after your

Workshops: water, tea can be provided at your request.
You have full access to the changing rooms, toilet and kitchen (self service),
yoga mats and other existing equipment.

The large studio is around 100 m2.
The small studio downstairs is 70m2.

Send an email to Tatiana byp.brussels@gmail.com for availability,
reservations and for more information.

For availability you can also check the workshop page for dates that are
booked for other workshops.

Wishing you a lot of success with your events and workshops promoting the well-being!