Bettina Schelkle

Looking for a way to deal with stress better, Bettina experienced her first yoga class in 2008 and was hooked straight away. Over the years, Bettina has learned to appreciate not just the physical benefits of the practice, but also the more subtle effects yoga has had in her relationship with herself and her body, with the people around her and her attitude towards life in general. Bettina attended a yoga teacher training at the Devon School of Yoga, UK, from 2013-2015 to deepen her own practice and to start sharing the wonderful benefits she received since practicing yoga herself.
Bettina's teaching style is heavily influenced by Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga, although she likes to balance strong flows with more gentle asanas in a class. As a holistic Health Coach, Bettina brings a very open approach to her teaching encouraging students to connect with themselves on the mat. This way, students can adapt the practice to their emotional and physical needs at any given day and embrace the changes our physical bodies and mental states undergo on a constant basis.
Bettina has been teaching in Germany and in Belgium since 2014 and speaks English and German fluently.
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