Tessa Martin

Tessa trained in dance from a young age, and was introduced to Classical Pilates and Barre au Sol while studying full-time ballet at the 'International Ballet Academy' (NZ) 2003-2005. She obtained her dance teaching qualifications later on with IDTA `International Dance Teachers Assoc.`in 2012.
She worked as a dancer for dance and theatre companies in New Zealand, then moved to Europe in 2009, never with the intention to live in Europe, but found work performing with Company M.E.S.S (BE), Claudia Bosse (DE), and later in 2016 with Company SOIT/Hans Van Den Broeck (BE).
In 2015 Tessa began her Pilates Matt and Reformer studies with Marina Bunktovkikh at Brussels Pilates because of the high reputation that STOTT PILATES upholds, and because of the contemporary approach that it offers in relation to injury prevention/rehabilitation. The training helped her with her own injuries so she immersed herself completely in the training.
Tessa runs her own classes called UNDERGROUND PILATES at MAD Brussels and works around several different studios in Brussels offering both group and private sessions in Pilates and reformer.
At BYP she created her own unique workout called BALLET GOT SOUL where she has combined her passion for Pilates, ballet, barre au sol, and 60`s and 70`s soulful music (Another little detail about Tessa is her secret life as a soul music DJ and her collection of vinyl)
into a one hour full-body workout.
BALLET GOT SOUL is open to adults of all levels, regardless of any previous dance or pilates training.
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