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Since graduating the 'International Ballet Academy' (NZ) in 2005, Tessa worked as a professional contemporary dancer in both dance and theatre companies, as well as different artistic performance collaborations in New Zealand. She moved to Europe in 2009 and has worked and performed with Company M.E.S.S/Michael Lazic (BE), Theatercombinat/Claudia Bosse (DE), and Company SOIT/Hans Van Den Broeck (BE), and other local artists/choreographers. In 2012 She gained her dance teaching qualification with IDTA (Int. Dance Teachers Association) and has been teaching regular classical/contemporary/choreography classes in various dance schools in Belgium. In 2015 Tessa began her Pilates Matt studies with Marina Bunktovich/Brussels Pilates and immediately opened her own UNDERGROUND PILATES classes teaching regular open matt classes with a more contemporary approach.

Tessa is passionate about dance and music, and just happens to be a soul music DJ, so she has developped her own unique workout called BALLET GOT SOUL where she has combined Pilates, classical ballet, and all of her favourite music ranging between brazilian to pop to 60's soul to disco into a one hour full-body workout.