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Brussels Yoga Pilates

Yin Yang Yoga

YIN-YANG yoga is a very complete class, combining Yin passive style with Yang postures and flows.

YANG: Moving harmoniously with the breath, engaging core muscles and exploring balancing postures. We'll build up a soft flow (Vinyasa inspired from dragon dance, prana flow, shadow yoga) to connect to a feeling of integrity and power.

YIN: Deeply restores and stretches. Complementary to vigorous Yoga practices which target muscles, Yin yoga stretches and nourishes the deep connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, cartilage and bones) improving the health and flexibility of our joints. Yin yoga works with all bodies. It opens the hips, frees us from lower back and shoulder tensions.Yin Yoga is a gentle but deep practice counter balancing our busy urban lifestyles. As you breathe and stretch in, you’ll learn to let go, accessing unknown states of relaxation.

All levels
All levels welcome ! Each classes will be adapted to the level of the group. Beginners are helped and more advanced students provided with suggestions to deepen their practice.