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Brussels Yoga Pilates

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What should I bring for yoga or Pilates lessons?

For yoga or Pilates, you just need comfortable sportswear. Yoga and Pilates is practised without shoes, you can use socks if you want (preferably socks with antislip material)

Do I have to inform the sports teacher in the state of my health?

If you have health concerns, we advise you to tell your teacher about it. He or she can help you and also tell you a variation of the posture which is easier for you. We also recommend that you never force yourself into postures when you feel pain; You know your body best, so be attentive to your body.

Do I need to bring mats?

You can use free mats in our centre. For reasons of hygiene we ask you to clean your mat at the end of the class with sprays that are available for you. If you prefer your own mat you are welcome to bring it alon, but we cannot store it for you. It's not a bad idea to bring a towel.

How long is a class?

A class lasts 60 minutes, but you have to take into account that changing into sportswear takes some time, so please try not come too late. Give yourself 15 minutes so that you can start the classes in zen mood. It can happen that the teacher is a bit late because of the traffic situation in Brussels, so please be patient if you find the door still closed. The teacher will arrive. If the teacher is sick and we do not have a replacement we try to ring you up in time or send you a mail.

Do I need to register online?

We prefer that you register on our site to limit the number of participants in our courses. But you can still drop in spontaneously.

And if I am delayed?

Please try to be on time for your classes. The advantage for you is that you are not stressed and you enjoy your class. If you are late, you may find the doors closed because there is not always someone at reception. You can ring the bell at the door on your right.