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Brussels Yoga Pilates

Tibetan Yoga

Awareness, Mindfulness, Meditation, Tibetan Yoga
with Brian Hilliard

Mindfulness meditation gives us space where we can dance with ever-changing life experiences. Meeting ourselves with the help of skillful meditation techniques, we learn to transform anxiety, stress and dissatisfaction into contentment, joy and wisdom.

We are energized, strengthened and inspired through feeling self-sufficient and self-empowered. Every class explores a different aspect of the many-faceted jewel of our personal experience. We join into one our understanding, meditation, inner experience, body, mind and breath for healing and enlightenment. Tibetan Yoga, the amazing and vigorous yoga of Lujong, meditation in movement, enhances the sitting practice of mindfulness.

A series of 17 natural movements teach us how to bring meditation into movement, and synchronize body and mind. They strengthen the body, heal sickness, and help us to join together with peace, bliss and clarity. Highly energizing, they are an ideal yoga for beginning the day.

Mindfulness Meditation Series Based on the ancient wisdom traditions, our mindfulness meditation series will explore meditation practice from many different perspectives. Meditation is something that we can all enter into regardless of our cultural or religious background.

Brian Hilliard’s classes are designed to meet your needs and level of understanding, whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner. You can enter into any session at any time. This series will also be an excellent compliment to all forms of yoga practice and other meditation teachings.

The classes will include:

·         Techniques for working with posture, breath and the thinking process.

·         Gaining confidence in the four foundations of mindfulness: body, well-being, joyous effort and mind

·         Special topics related to refining and enhancing our meditation practice

·         Intuitive in-depth meditation practice beyond words and concepts

·         Meditation in movement and movement in meditation: the secret practice of Lujong Group

·         Discussions that clarify our understanding and create shared wisdom culture

·         A safe and gentle atmosphere where we can come as we are

·         Exploration of practice-based goals and aspirations

·         Practical advice for infusing daily life with mindfulness and awareness


The benefits of mindfulness meditation are many.

We each naturally possess excellent qualities, and with some effort they spring forth from who we are as human beings. These include:

·         Developing a firm ground of peace and sanity

·         Knowing you are basically good

·         An energizing and inspiring current of meditation

·         A life reset

·         Being more joyful, gentle and courageous

·         Using tools that work with emotions, stress and anxiety

·         A greater sense of self-sufficiency and self-empowerment

·         Having a greater positive effect on everyone you meet

·         Being open, spacious and relaxed