Marcella Carrara

Marcella is a movement artist, a Pilates certified teacher by Corpus Pilates™ in Brussels and a Somatic Movement Educator certified by the Body-Mind Centering® School of California. Grown up surrounded by the Alps in a small town in northern Italy, she's been practicing trekking, rock climbing and skiing since an early age. Dance , however, has always been her greatest passion.
She graduates in 2012 in Italy at the DAMS - Discipline of Arts, Music and Performance. After such experience, she decides to move to Brussels, where she currently lives and works as a dander and somatic educator.
Her Pilates and Yoga classes are based on three main propositions: consciousness, self- discoveries and pleasure.
Marcella's favorite quote " Where there is love there is life" . Mahatma Gandhi
English, French, Italian
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